World Record for Tallest VHS Tower

•May 1, 2009 • 1 Comment

We are proud to announce that we now hold the world record for the tallest tower made from VHS tapes! Currently I am building another tower that will crush the current record. Right now it is 8′ 8″ and I’m still building up. A new post will be coming very soon!

Here is the link to the record: Tallest VHS Tower



VHS Dominos

•April 4, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Now we know this as been done before because who hasn’t noticed the similarity in shape between a domino and a VHS tape, but since we are in the business of using VHS tapes in other ways than how they are intended to be used we wanted to do a little demo. This is only a preview of what you can expect to come next from VHS Construction.

The VHS Tower

•April 3, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Following the many highs and lows of our awe-inspiring double arch bridge we were once again left with over 600 VHS tapes and a blank slate. This time we wanted to experience only highs. So towards the heavens we began to build. We were so confident in this construction that Dan was able to sit on top without it collapsing only holding onto a pipe with one hand for balance. This is true engineering.

From the surface of the desk the tower stands 6′ 3″ tall and from the ground it stands 8′ 9.5″.

P.S. I fucked up the bridge.

•April 1, 2009 • 4 Comments

Never being fully satisfied by the latest incarnation of our bridge, the double arch bridge soon began to evolve into what we hoped would be one single arch spanning over two cubicles. We began by shifting the tapes from either side into the middle reaching higher and higher and removing tapes from the middle support.

And so I made a mistake.

“We must build a bridge.”

•March 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

Creators David and Dan kneeling proudly under the arches of their creation.

Sometime in January of 2009 Dan became bored and began stacking his used VHS tapes in an overlapping style — not unlike the stacking of bricks. David, after spending only a few minutes exposed to the growing tape wall inside Dan’s cubicle, was struck with divine inspiration. “A bridge!” he exclaimed, “We must build a bridge.”

It was then that Dan and David began building elaborate structures under a strict set of rules:

  1. VHS Tapes Only!
  2. No Adhesives!
  3. No support beams!

They were met with skepticism. They were met with opposition. These are the photographic proofs of their master work.

(This is David’s account)

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Double Arch Bridge

•March 3, 2009 • 2 Comments

This was our second attempt at the ultimate structure. To say we did not make any concessions would be a lie. At first we believed the arch would span both cubicles without the use of the center cubicle divider. We also believed the arch could be built without using temporary supports made out of DVD spindle cases. We were wrong on both these fronts, but our results were not disappointing.

It took perhaps a full 3-4 weeks of building to reach the point the bridge is at now. We started with the belief that a double thick base would create in the end a stronger bridge. What we found was that those tapes could better be used elsewhere.

We drew diagrams and used mathematics. We ran small scale mock arches to figure out the tape-to-arch ratios. All the math in the world, though, could not prepare us for the trials of the spirit brought on by the construction. True knowledge of the arch came only from touching the tapes, feeling their weight, lifting the unfinished bridge, feeling it’s sheer mass. This is how we were able to make decisions without thinking. This is how the arch became instinct.

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•February 26, 2009 • 2 Comments

Dan’s Account of the Sphere Experiment:

Following the highly acclaimed VHS dome I was pumped and ready for something more challenging. This time I would construct a perfect sphere, or 1:240,000 scale Death Star if you will. This took far more thought and strategy than the dome, but after a very insightful suggestion from our coworker Fabricio to fill the sphere in with tapes I had the weight I needed to hold the bottom half together until I could complete the top half. Once the top was nearly complete I was able to reach inside and remove all of the tapes from the center to create a perfectly hallow hollow sphere with only VHS tapes.

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