“We must build a bridge.”


Creators David and Dan kneeling proudly under the arches of their creation.

Sometime in January of 2009 Dan became bored and began stacking his used VHS tapes in an overlapping style — not unlike the stacking of bricks. David, after spending only a few minutes exposed to the growing tape wall inside Dan’s cubicle, was struck with divine inspiration. “A bridge!” he exclaimed, “We must build a bridge.”

It was then that Dan and David began building elaborate structures under a strict set of rules:

  1. VHS Tapes Only!
  2. No Adhesives!
  3. No support beams!

They were met with skepticism. They were met with opposition. These are the photographic proofs of their master work.

(This is David’s account)

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~ by dantkendall on March 30, 2009.

One Response to ““We must build a bridge.””

  1. I’ve been following this since it was just a wall of tapes. So nice to see such a divine creation come to life.

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