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Dan’s Account of the Dome Experiment:

After the trials and tribulations of our first attempt at bridge building I needed to meditate and strengthen my mind for the arduous task of completing the bridge we were destined to construct. With stacks of rejected tapes growing in my cubicle I decided to start fresh and take on a different and possibly more achievable feat. I would build a dome. Better yet, I thought to myself, a dome with an opening like an igloo. These photos document the build.

After this success our spirits were lifted and we were one step closer to reaching our goal.

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Bridge: 1st Attempt

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This was our first attempt at bridge building and our true failing was surrender to fear. It was very much an experiment, we had many fewer tapes to work with, and all the tapes were in active circulation around the office. ┬áThere was, perhaps, too much pressure to succeed in this attempt and so we sabotaged ourselves. We told each other we were doing it wrong, that it was impossible, that it was too heavy, and we said, “Save it for another day.” Both of us had much growing to do spiritually.

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